Indian Singing Bowl



Singing bowls from India. Highly polished with simple lines, a perfect compliment to contemporary styles of meditation and yoga. Comes with wooden mallet. Traditionally used in Buddhist meditation, the singing bowls are comprised of 7 metals representing different celestial influences:
Gold = the sun
Silver = the moon
Mercury = Mercury
Copper = Venus
Iron = Mars
Tin = Jupiter
Lead = Saturn

How to play:
Singing bowls are played by hitting, striking, or slowly rubbing/stirring a wooden mallet within the top outer surface of the bowl. The bowl will produce a continuous harmonic sound. Playing the bowls usually causes an immediate centering effect. The tones set up a “frequency following response” that creates a balancing left/right brain synchronization. The actual pitch and exact tonal characteristics to vary from bowl to bowl, each bowl has its own unique voice.

Available in small (11 cm), medium (12 cm), large (13 cm), and extra large (14 cm) sizes.

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