Jew’s Harp – Aztec Mini



A popular Jew’s harp, the Aztec Mini has well chosen frame geometry blended with an expertly designed steel spring. Easy to handle and play, its strong, dynamic sound is loved by beginners through professional musicians.

The Mini comes in Aflat/G#, A, B (H in Europe), C#, F and G.

The Jew’s harp, or Jaw Harp, is a distinct instrument that has developed within Eastern Europe and Asia. These mouth harps have been handcrafted to the highest standards by Zoltan Szilágyi, who works out of a shop in Kecskemét, Hungary. Each instrument has been expertly tuned by Szilágyi himself, to ensure the greatest pitch accuracy possible.

These are professional grade instruments which are not appropriate for young children’s unsupervised use.

Additional information

Weight .30 kg

A flat, A, B, F, G, F#, H, High C


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