When You Are Two (Rainbow Songs)



When You Are 2 is the latest in a series of Rainbow Songs CDs created to accompany Toronto’s most popular children’s music program. Just like its predecessors, Oh Baby! and When You Are One!, this CD was created with a particular age range in mind, having been produced to complement our 2-4 years classes.

While this CD was conceived with our young children’s program in mind, all Rainbow Songs families will be able to find a favourite song on an album which touches on a genre for everyone’s taste. With many current and former instructors performing, this CD again delivers fantastic vocals and only the highest production quality.

To date, When You Are Two has won the following awards:

  • CD Of the Year (Creative Child Magazine)
  • Parent’s Choice Award
  • Academic’s Choice Smart Media Award

Track List
1. We’re All Here
2. Wake Up
3. Let’s Dance Today
4. The Freeze
5. Sleeping Bunnies
6. Elephants Have Wrinkles
7. I Can’t Fly
8. That is the Right Hand
9. Clap Your Hands and Sing 1-2-3
10. Johnny Works With One Hammer
11. Boom Chicka Boom
12. All Around the Kitchen
13. Momma Don’t Allow
14. What are You Wearing?
15. Listen to the Water
16. The Tree Song
17. Who Fed the Chickens?
18. Goodbye

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