Early Morning Knee-Slappin’ Tunes (Mike Whitla)



This high-energy recording blends Mike’s passion for traditional North American music with his commitment to bring the best of music-making to children’s music. From R&B to funk, Bluegrass to Reggae, and Rock & Roll, the listener will enjoy Early Morning Knee-Slappin’ Tunes again and again.

CD recording featuring:
Jessica Blake (née Vigars) (vocals), Kevin Cooke (bass), David Monis (drums), Alan Gasser (vocals), Chris Coole (banjo), Hameed Shaq (steel pan), Richard “Isax” House (alto sax), James Spragg (trumpet), Stuart Elliott (baritone sax), and Gabrielle Roddy (vocals).

To date, Early Morning Knee-Slappin’ Tunes has won the following awards:

  • 2006 Indie for best Childrens’ recording
  • 2005 Parents’ Choice award
  • 2005 NAPPA honors award

What the critics are saying
Early Morning Knee-Slappin’ Tunes is a collection of traditional (and a few new) North American songs arranged with originality and performed with passion. Some tracks — like Woodie Guthrie’s “Baby Washing Song”, with its banjos and harmonized vocals — sound like they belong on the “Oh Brother Where Are Thou” soundtrack. …. There is certainly some sweetness to the album: a few lullabies and guitar instrumentals to calm things down, a very funky version of the “Hokey Pokey” and lots of sing-alongs with actions. But what really makes Early Morning Knee-Slappin’ Tunes stand out is its authenticity. This is a CD made by musicians who really want kids to enjoy this music as much as they do.
– Deanne Fisher, Toronto City Parent Magazine

Fantastic songs for getting the little ones moving their bodies!
– Tina Smith, Fresno Family

Track List

  1. Hands Together, Hands Apart
  2. Clean-O (The Baby Washing Song)
  3. Down in the Valley
  4. Mike on a Bike
  5. Baby Shark
  6. Hokey Pokey (Funky)
  7. Ninna Nanna
  8. The Baby Burping Song
  9. Der Heyser Bulgar
  10. Counting Game
  11. Dream Time
  12. Don’t You Push Me Down
  13. The Tickle Song
  14. Early Morning Knee Slapping Blues
  15. Sweet Little Baby Love
  16. Head and Shoulders
  17. Teddy Bear’s Picnic (Full silly version)
  18. Alphapalooza
  19. Three Little Birds
  20. What are You Wearing?
  21. Arthur Peek-a-boo Haberman
  22. Mike on a Bike Reprise

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