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Finally it’s here! Rainbow Songs’ very first and highly anticipated album, Oh Baby! seamlessly brings together a collection of bluegrass, soul, rock and traditional children’s songs to soothe and entertain adults and babies alike.

Oh Baby! was produced under the watchful eye of Mike Whitla, Rainbow Songs founder and recording artist in his own right with previous recordings having won a 2006 Indie Music award as well as NAPPA and Parent’s Choice awards.

Oh Baby! contains a mixture of original and traditional pieces written and arranged by Whitla. Also featured on the recording are strong musical contributions from Rainbow Songs veterans Jessica Blake (née Vigars), Josh Engels and Kristina Uranowski as well as bluegrass heavyweights Ivan Rosenberg on dobro and Chris Coole on banjo.

The songs and arrangements on Oh Baby! demonstrate a dedication to bringing the best in music to family music. Says Whitla, “I think children deserve our best efforts as musicians. They don’t need to be played down to.” The recording includes Rainbow Songs original tunes “Hands Together, Hands Apart” and “The Tickle Song” in addition to fresh interpretations of classic favourites like The Grand Old Duke of York, Frere Jacques and Woody Guthrie’s “Cleano”.

As an extra bonus, chords for the songs are included in the liner notes.

Oh Baby! was honoured with a Academics’ Choice Smart Media Award and a Parents’ Choice Award.

Track List

1. Hello
2. Frere Jacques
3. I Wake Up My hands
4. Donkey Riding
5. Hands Together, Hands Apart
6. Flying Babies
7. Love Grows
8. One Button, Two Button
9. What Shall We Do With the Sleeping Baby?
10. The Tickle Song
11. Grand Old Duke Of York

12. Zoom Zoom Zoom
13. All The Babies Like Bananas
14. Onawa’s Waltz
15. Fleas
16. Two Little Blackbirds
17. Some Like It Hot
18. Sittin’ In My High Chair
19. Clean-O
20. Shake It Baby, Shake It
21. The Rooster Song
22. Hush Little Rooster
23. Nina Nana
24. Goodbye

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