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Dinosaurs & Monsters is the newest album from Howdytoons, with fantastic songs from three different series: DINOSTORY, PREHISTORICA and MYTHOLOGICA.

Howdytoons, famous in the kids’ world for its heavy metal-inspired dinosaur songs (and accompanying cartoons – check out our Youtube channel!), digs even deeper into the genre with Dinosaurs & Monsters, unearthing tunes about super-fantastic creatures, both real and imagined. There is still a healthy serving of music for dino-crazed fans, but the album also includes songs about Pterosaurs (“I’m a Pterodactyl”), synapsids (“Dimetrodon,” listen to the song to find out what a synapsid is), and Pliosaurs (“Kronosaurus”), plus an eponymous number about a legendary Scandinavian sea monster, The Kraken. Even when telling a great tale, Howdytoons keeps thing scientifically accurate, packing statistics and facts into every song.

Track List

  1. Allosaurus
  2. Dimetrodon
  3. Brachiosaurus
  4. Brontosaurus is Back!
  5. Diplodocus
  6. Stegosaurus Song
  7. I’m A Pterodactyl
  8. The Kraken
  9. Kronosaurus

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