“Dinostory – The Ultimate Dinosaur Rock Opera” (Mike Whitla/Howdytoons)



Dinostory is a Rock’n’Roll musical for families!!

This fabulous record was the basis for Howdytoons animated series, now available on Youtube. Watch Season 1 now!

Composer Mike Whitla takes us on a musical journey back in time to the Cretaceous period 100 million years ago when the dinosaurs ruled the earth. The album tells the story of a baby triceratops who, as an egg, was separated from her siblings and hatched on her own. Little Terri has to go out into the world and find where she belongs. Terri’s challenges include finding food and drink as well as a searching for a community that she can call home.

Along her journey, Terri is lucky to find other plant-eaters who help her out. Dinosaurs such as Jenny the Ankylosaurus, and the peculiar Stegosaurus are some of the dinosaurs Terri encounters along her way. Of course, the late Cretaceous period also has its share of flesh eating monsters, including T-Rex, who are not as friendly. Terri will need all the help she can get if she is to survive.

The music is rich and dynamic. As well, it makes more than one reference to dinosaur musics of the past (classic rock, jazz, and reggae). The CD comes with a deluxe 28-page story booklet full of dinosaur illustrations and facts. Of course, this CD also features all your favourite Rainbow Songs performers.

What the critics are saying
Dinostory: The Ultimate Dinosaur Rock Opera is one of the best this dino-savvy listener has heard. … The songs are well written and accurately researched, and are also slyly educational. That, and they still provide provide a narrative story with some great tunes. ” Lahri Bond, ©2011 Parents’ Choice

To date, DinoStory has been honoured with the following awards:

  • Academics’ Choice Smart Media Award
  • CD of the Year (Creative Child Magazine)
  • Finalist in the Great American Songwriting Competition for the song “Parasaurolopus is a Mouthful For All of Us”
  • Semi-Finalist in the International Songwriting Competition for “Plod, Plod, Plod Goes Diplodocus”
  • NAPPA Rising Star Award
  • Parents’ Choice Award

The Songs:
1. Dinoverture
2. The Egg
3. It Takes all Kinds (Part 1)
4. Do You Know Who I Am?
5. Stegosaurus
6. Narration (Part 1)
7. I’m a Pterodactyl
8. Brachiosaurus
9. Jenny was an Ankylosaurus
10. Dinosaurs are Drinking by the River
11. Narration (Part 2)
12. Parasaurolophus is a Mouthful For All of Us
13. Narration (Part 3)
14. T-Rex – Tyrannosaurus Rex
15. Narration (Part 4)
16. Plod, Plod, Plod goes Diplodocus
17. No, Don’t Eat Me
18. It Takes All Kinds (Part 2)

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